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About International Development Company LLC (IDC)

International Development Company LLC (IDC) represents over 100 international and national companies and actively promotes their products and services to the largest clients in the UAE in the Energy (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical), Power & Water, Telecommunications and Construction industries.

Years, and in some cases decades, of established relationships with reputable partners has enabled IDC to continuously provide its clients with premium quality products and a wide range of skills, technologies and services.

The company was founded in 1978 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and has since been committed to supporting the region’s development within the Oil & Gas sector.

In 1989, IDC established ‘AIE Industrial Equipment Trading Company’ in Dubai to closely cater to businesses in the Northern Emirates. IDC (and AIE) began as quality suppliers of equipment, machinery, field services and spare parts to Oil & Gas exploration, refining, and distribution companies.


They have since expanded into different industries and have diversified their offerings to include project development, after-sales support, consultancy services, chemical and industrial manufacturing as well as Digital Transformation and Technology services and solutions. IDC has also set up service facilities in the UAE to enable servicing and encourage asset longevity and sustainability.

These service centers have allowed IDC to advance their after-sales support services and have been a source of great convenience for both clients and business partners.

More recently, IDC has also established several specialized divisions

Over the last decade, IDC has grown into a group of diversified companies, IDC Group, under which its core business sits (including its Iraq-based operations). In addition, the group constitutes established companies in the fields of manpower solutions (IDCMPS), real estate (Guardian Tower Real Estate) and Oil & Gas and Construction chemicals manufacturing (PAC technologies).

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IDC Tech

A Digital Transformation and Technology services division providing services to Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Public & Government Sector entities

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IDC Energy Transition

IDC’s Energy Transition division is an extension of its core business, with a focus on Hydrogen-related technologies.

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IDC Serve

An Engineering and Technical Services division, focusing on enhancing the reliability, availability, safety and integrity of clients’ existing assets and plants as well as to support clients in developing new plants, assets, and projects.

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IDC Chem

An oilfield chemicals manufacturing division, developing and producing specialty products and working with clients to develop products for their specific needs.

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IDC AVELV is a system integrator division of IDC offering turnkey solutions of Audio-visual, Security, IT and all other ELV systems.

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IDC Metal Industries

An Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer for exterior façade cladding and interior finishing in the Construction sector.

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In-Country Value Program (ICV)

Having been committed to contributing towards the country’s economic development for over 40 years, IDC is a huge advocate of the local movement, which encourages supporting local industries and pushing local spending. IDC has been a member of the ICV program since its inception and has been proactively making continuous improvements to boost its ICV score year-on-year. This has placed the company in an advantageous position during procurement stages with its governmental and semi-governmental clients, which in turn has strengthened the position of its represented partners.


Meet the Team

Faysal Urfali

Managing Director

Faysal is Managing Director of IDC and IDC Group CEO. He oversees the group’s business operations and drives strategic company growth, as well as overseeing the fin... Read more

Sulaiman Naim

Founder of IDC

Sulaiman is one of the founders of IDC and the longest standing member of IDC Group. He remains a member of the Group Board of Directors.

Thamir Shamsy

General Manager - Operations

Thamir runs IDC’s sales and alliances, with a focus on maintaining strong relationships with principals and clients, developing the business by growing IDC’s ... Read more

Reef Bischoff

Group Chief Strategy Officer

Reef is responsible for expanding IDC Group’s scope of work and uncovering opportunities for new types of business and new partnerships within the Energy sector (wi... Read more

Our Standards

Maintaining a high quality of services is a priority for IDC, to ensure clients, and partners alike, are highly satisfied with their IDC experience. This begins with the internal policies, processes and procedures that IDC implements, which promote continual employee growth in performance levels and professional development, as well as associated business advancements.

IDC continually sets out to meet the highest international standards in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. In addition, the company is committed to transparency in international commercial transactions and has been TCertified since 2009.

Intertek UKAS
Quality - ISO 9001: 2015

IDC has successfully acquired and continues to maintain its Quality ISO certification.

TCompliance Certified 2009

IDC has been a Tcertified company since 2009.

Health & Safety - ISO 45001:2018
Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2015

IDC has successfully acquired and continues to maintain its Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE) ISO certification.

ISO 45001 2018

ISO 45001: 2018

ISO 14001 2015

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 9001 2015

ISO 9001: 2015

Corporate Data

IDC’s Commercial License, issued by the Department of Economic Development, contains company information as well as all the commercial activities that IDC LLC performs.



UAE’s leading service and supply company in the oil, gas, power and water, project construction, and petrochemical sectors

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